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  5. "The time has passed so fast!"

"The time has passed so fast!"

Translation:Tiden er gået så hurtigt!

June 8, 2015



The prompts clearly show har passeret or er passeret. If this was meant to be the same as the previous example, than why show different expressions in the prompts?


Completely agree. What's the point of prompts if they don't help?


Why can "Tiden har passeret så hurigt" not be used?

[deactivated user]

    You could say "Tiden er passeret så hurtigt" and you would be understood, but it sounds quite weird. You should just remember to use the verb "at gå" with time.


    What would it mean to say "Tiden har gået så hurtigt"?

    From what I read at have gået implies the finality of the action

    "Han er gået hjemm" - He has left to go home

    "Han har gået hjemm" - He has arrived home

    But in this case how do we know which is right? Time in general continues to pass suggesting 'er', but the time we are talking about is over, suggesting (to me) 'har'.


    Here you have "er gået"; in the other sentence it was "hun har gået" -- is the latter just a mistake, or could we have an exact explanation of what is going on?


    after 5 (or maybe more??) years still no correction of the wrong hint for ''passed''


    Ah ok, I think I understand that with the context of time "er gået" means "has gone".

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