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Limit to the number of practice sessions?

I practice a lot. I like to practice with 2-3 timed sessions per day and I take 2-3 new lessons every Saturday. It's the pace I like to go at and it works for me. I've been doing it for the past 145 days straight. However, just yesterday, I started getting a message when clicking on practice "You have practiced all of your words. Try doing some lessons or translations". Has anyone else gotten this limit to their practice sessions?

I wonder why Duolingo cares how many times I hit the practice button before moving on to new lessons. I like my pace. It works for me, I shouldn't be limited. Anyone else experience this?

June 8, 2015



I haven't had it, but I have heard of people that have. Try doing a timed session from inside a course.


That works great! Thanks. I didn't realize you could practice within a lesson. Gives me a bit more control of what I'm going to practice.


Yes, see post "limited practice". I too like to practice a lot. It is the only way to immerse yourself into the language, and I don't understand what it costs Duo Lingo to allow that. It was available before, but just recently that option to repeat practice exercises was removed for whatever reason. Bummer.

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