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"Ligeann an doras ar oscailt."

Translation:She lets the door open.

June 8, 2015



I do not quite get this English. Is she opening the door or leaving the door open?


Allowing it to stay open


The English phrasing makes it sound like she allows it to open itself or e.g. to become open by wind etc. "She LEAVES the door open" would be equal to "allows it to stay open"


See i'm confused because we would say, "let that door open," to mean, "open that door." Like allow the door to open rather then allow the door to stay open.


If it means she allows the door to stay open, a better translation would be "She leaves the door open".


Depends heavily on the dialect of English to be honest.


i get it now! necker cube! if it is an automatic door and she allows it to activate, that makes perfect sense to me in the english i am familiar with. of course, as you mentioned aaronyoung7, it might well be a standard expression in british, canadian, new zealand, or australian english (or pockets of the us that i am not familiar with).


That would be 'ligeann sí don doras oscladh', I reckon.


Agus ligeann sí na madraí as!


So it was her all this time!


I put "She leaves the door open" intending the meaning She allows the door to remain open" and although this was accepted, it does not seem to be what the given answer (lets) intends. I'm guessing ligeann covers both senses. The ambiguity in English lies in the word leaves, which could imply "allows to remain" or could simply indicate "permits to". or even "releases and thus enables the door to open" British English would normally have lets for the "release, let go, allow to activate" sense and leaves* for the "allows to remain in a state" sense.


In Ireland we would say 'she leaves the door open'


She leaves the door open, for example, she leaves the house in the morning and she leaves the front door open. She lets the door open, for example, whenever a strong wind blows she lets the door open as she could not be bothered holding it shut.


Would "She lets the door be open" be correct?


How would you say "she DOES let the door open". meaning emphasis.


What form of the verb is oscailt?????


Oscailt is the verbal noun of oscail.


Where is Pól in all this


This is a 'Hiberno-Anglicicism'?!


Such a ridiculous expression that I've never heard before

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