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Help! Where have the participles gone?

Doing a general strengthening, it became painfully obvious to me that I need to go back and redo the participles lessons/read the grammar notes a few (dozen) times, but... I've lost 'em. I can't seem to find a skill labelled participles, so my next guess was to click on all the non gilded lessons that seemed likely candidates for the participle sentences I was getting... and I still can't find them 8-o

I mean, I'm sure they will turn up eventually, but I'm horribly clueless about them and I could use practice sooner rather than later. Can anyone be kind enough to ignore my stupidity and point me in the right direction? pleading face

June 8, 2015



They're in Education, if I recall correctly :)


Dankegon! I would swear that was the first place I looked but there they are staring at me! Thanks!

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