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  5. "Evet, inek süt içer."

"Evet, inek süt içer."

Translation:Yes, the cow drinks milk.

June 8, 2015



The caw doesn't drink milk ..the caw generate milk ..this sentence is wrong :)


A thug life cow drinks milk...


Actually baby cows drink milk


Every mammal drinks and produces milk, and cows produce milk for their babies, of course they wouldn't drink it when grown-up


"The calf drinks milk." I think you have a valid point. OK: "Yes, the calf drinks milk." Translation: "Evet, buzağı süt içer."


Since a spade of comments from Naci just came in to lure me back into this thread, can I just use the time until Duo officially teaches us buzak to tell a little story?

Usually, the more somebody knows about a certain thing, the more likely they are to have developed a very precise technical language so they can more easily epress the very detailled knowledge that they have on a given subject. So, while some people who buy milk from a supermarket are perfectly content to call all members of the species bos taurus "cow", are butcher or a farmer or a veterinarian might not.

A long time ago, when my husband and I were still at university, we went to the cinema and watched a movie called Full Metal Village about a huge music festival that takes place in a tiny village every year: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_Metal_Village
In it, there is a scene where the film makter, Cho, interviews a cattle farmer inside his stable and he tells her about her work. The stable is largely empty, with most of the "cows" outside grazing, but there is a single animal in sight. Cho then asks the farmer, why this one "cow" isn't out with the others. And the next scene is so brilliant, but almost impossible to retell: The farmer completely blanches and thinks that he forgot a cow that is somehow hiding in his stable right under under his nose. "Cow? Which cow?" he asks. Cho points out the animal, and the farmer chuckles: "Ach, that's not a cow, that's a heifer!" (Sorry if I represented this incorrectly, it's been more than ten years since I saw it and my memory might have embellished it or rendered the wrong kind of cattle. :))

Anyway, the point I wanted to make is the use of non-specialist language to speakers who are not expecting it can be just as confusing as exposing non-specialists to so much techno-babble. :) To this day, when my husband and I hear somebod talk in such vague terms that it is hard to understand what they may be getting at, we still look at each other and say: "Cow? Which cow?" :)

More cattle fun: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cattle#Terminology (Notice the wikipedia lemma is not actually cow because the term in English is quite narrow; but apparently the same is true for Turkish, because putting inek into Wikipedia gives you the article sığır. :) Surely we'll be fine with inek at this stage of our studies, but it's good to remember how many more words are out there for us to become familiar with.


It is little ( Cow ) ' , drink milk . It's true .


that's just wrong....


How is that wrong lmao


bcz cow dont drink milk, calf drink milk


"Evet, buzağı süt içer." Translation: Yes, the calf drinks milk.


İt is not correct


"Evet, yavrun - inek süt içer." Translation: Yes, the baby cow drinks milk.


Really?!The cow doesn't drinks milk!!!


Not the cow . As we knew . But there kids


Why "the cow" not "cow"?


Why can't I translate this as 'cows' here? It's a common statement, not accusative, isn't it?


If you have a plural subject, it will have the plural suffix. This does not have that, so it is singular.


why is it not "evet, inek sutu icer"? why sut?


sutu means "the milk" sut means "milk"


So I guess this isn't quite cannibalism, but... erm, autophagy?


The cow doesnt drink milk .


A cow doesn't drink milk, it makes milk misinformation..


Despite the more differenciated discussion about cows and calves... how aboıt translating the sentence more generally, like talking about all cows resp. the total of it's species:

"Evet, inek süt içer. "Cows drink milk."

Would that be grammatically (!) correct?


Why wrong I answered well but I put the a And I forgot


I mean.. why would a cow drink milk tho but its ok..


when we use the before word

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