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Italian lessons not use all new words

I was doing Subjuctive Imperfect Lessons and while doing number 5 which introduces "passasse, entrasse, lavorasse, vivesse, ricordasse, usasse, chiamasse" I never once got any sentence using passasse or lavorasse, despite getting the same sentence multiple times.

Also on Lesson 6, introducing "morisse, piacesse, guardasse, aprissi, seguisse, aspettassimo," I only got morisse, aprissi and seguisse and nothing else. I got the sentence, "She didn't want him to die" something like 4 times and right every time.


June 8, 2015



The new algorithms seem to be really dumbed down. Agree it's not as good as it used to be.


Just finished lesson number 7. In 37 questions, not one use of the word "finesse"


Duo selects words/sentences randomly from the words available in the lesson. That means that there is a chance that some words will get missed and others will get repeated. They could add in extra routines to overcome this problem but it adds to the overhead and Duolingo probably have other more important things to worry about.


I can think of no more important thing than making sure the program actually teaches all the things it says it does.


I just did lesson 5 again and still no sentence using passasse or lavorasse

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