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Esperanto Hall Of Fame

Hello and welcome to the Esperanto Hall of Fame, the list of everyone who has completed the Esperanto tree. Here we acknowledge the great achievements of the best and brightest Esperantists! Congratulations to everyone who done so and hopefully this motivates everyone else to keep going!

Hall of Fame:

  • julesmGGF
  • sheldolina
  • Beatles-Musician
  • DLundberg
  • thraenthraen
  • flootzavut
  • rumnraisin
  • miyavmjaupurr
  • jbailey88
  • xobox3
  • jcreed
  • Gymnastical
  • Vanega
  • Diabeticbuterfly
  • slate.hayes
  • difbobatl
  • m.tastic
  • xujie
  • Alfifisher
  • DerGoldmann
  • munderlohsean
  • ashbolt
  • KsaveroEO
  • guillaume.92
  • TheWombatGuru
  • gratulo
  • Epic_Steve
  • bryanhumano
  • Senlando
  • DasEinhorn
  • zaragorti
  • conorjh
  • Erven.R
  • rosepink71
  • unukornuleto
  • dema90
  • alexander.
  • keirwilliams
  • AbdoAzzam
  • babelpescado
  • seanboyle30
  • crlight
  • scottwellsdc
  • elements2015
  • quirkyowl
  • Baakamono
  • foruli
  • gmh6
  • BrianCapMD
  • EmmanuelBouh
  • jirka92122
  • Lextum8
  • Urrayo
  • greggshorthand
  • jal
  • alcarm77
  • Arkonide
  • Druif
  • JamesBulls
  • seanc0x0
  • DonaldKron
  • knittingirl
  • rapn21
  • Secretojungleus
  • BurkeTerry
  • zorrocat
  • hmalladi
  • grangerstudent
  • jim3cantos
  • flootzavut
  • matthewncover
  • Emersono
  • OptimusSchwein
  • ForzaItalia99
  • IsaboeOfLumatere
  • Agromania
  • chrijo1
  • nekonekokoneko
  • KristenDQ
  • mjhinds57
  • jvargas2
  • KenpoJoel
  • DaveAusAmerika
  • Conchuir
  • Ochilov
  • G2DIPI_true
  • ellatiene
  • nowo1978
  • jtstreet
  • RykerRay1
  • sulleyneal
  • KristenDQ
  • Eksterlegxulo
  • ionasky
  • jeroenvandinther
  • DyeusTengriR1
  • JunaUrsoTropika
  • TamjungRabbit
  • hellomidnight
  • neiljdo
  • robot-dreams
  • CadeOlmstead
  • EricVandenburg
  • JohnReid8
  • doyle.locker
  • mcory
  • Laurabrough
  • Sanguine_Dreamer
  • Kavalasz
  • troyus23
  • lyubomirv
  • Inexpert
  • VolkmannTJ
  • ErinMostowfi
  • BenEdacity
  • linguisticat
  • ThatOneDoge
  • elopio
  • cxazo
  • may0naze
  • JeremyP.399
  • DickStada
  • YotamSivan
  • Guito82
  • Greg211
  • Gavrilo93

There's also a Golden Hall of Fame for anyone who has reached the maximum level 25 in Esperanto.

Golden Hall Of Fame:

  • VolkmannTJ
  • may0naze

If you want to be added to the list, simply leave a comment (in either English or Esperanto) and I'll add you on. If you are wondering what to do next, check out this post here which is full of ideas.

June 8, 2015



Thanks for making the thread! :)

Personally, I would like to exclude users who seem to be using the immersion XP glitch to cheat the system from the level 25 hall of fame, but there isn't really a way to make sure :/


Wait, I didn't know anything about this. What's the immersion glitch?


Let's say I have the Esperanto course selected. Then I click on a link to an Italian article in Immersion and start translating sentences. The XP I get will be added to my Esperanto course, not the Italian one.

Of course, sometimes this happens as an honest mistake. However, there are also people who will start courses, do very few lessons in them, and translate articles in a different language to get to 30,000 XP, while barely learning anything in the language they just reached level 25 in. People are free to do whatever they want, but personally, I'm very much against the abuse of this glitch and don't like to see users who make use of it praised and awarded.

I am highly skeptical that anyone could reach 30,000 XP in Esperanto by only doing Esperanto lessons in one and a half weeks; while the same person is someone I haven't seen around the Esperanto forums. Personally, I've been working pretty hard on the Esperanto course, and I'm almost at 5,000 XP - you can see why I'm suspicious.


I accept that people want to game the system, but it's crazy all the same. I'm here to learn, and I won't do that by cheating. Points, dare I say it, aren't actually the point. They're but a guide to how well you're doing at learning the target language (assuming you don't cheat), and an incentive to keep at it.

So in addition to my number one method for learning a language, i.e. "don't give up", I'll add "don't cheat".


Wow, I had no idea about that. Yeah the person who got to level 25 doesn't seem to have done any of the skills so they shouldn't be on the list.


I accidentally leveled up to level 13 in Portuguese that way. I was practicing Portuguese when I saw an Immersion notification of when of my French articles- I ended up spending a while on the French immersion course and I mysteriously leveled up to level 13, and I had no idea how.


I've seen claims that people have just been doing the beginner lessons over and over, but considering that redoing lessons that are still gold gets, like, 3-4XP? I find that fairly hard to believe. They seriously did beginner lessons ten thousand times???

I honestly don't know how you could get that many points even in immersion, that still seems a lot, but redoing beginner lessons? I'm pretty sceptical, too :-/ it's sad when people game the system.

On the other hand, the only people they're really cheating are themselves. Given the choice between level 25 and actually having a decent grasp on a language, I'll chose the latter every time!


Of course, you could do timed practice over and over on the first few skills, but that would still only get you 20 XP per practice (and it'd be pretty boring).


I've never managed to last long enough in timed practice to get 20XP blush


Lol! I guess they will know a few limited phrases very very well! I personally want to go beyond “what’s your name” or “hello my name is...”


Suspicious in a nice polite term for impossible! I have been devoting several hours a day for the past two months or so; had a completely gilded, completed tree and still have only 5100 xp.


For those cheaters I say remember actually knowing and using Esperanto is really the greatest hall of fame!


You can become level 15 by completing the tree, but for the the next 10 you should just repeat the exercises?


I see a number of "Duolingo Esperanto Veterans" sending way too much time on Duolingo. If you've learned the basics, get out there and use your Esperanto. Explore other materials.


There's a sense of achievement in getting up to the highest level here, if that's your thing. But as I was doing that after completing the tree, I was starting to take part in courses and other events where I would use the language on real victims, I mean people.


Jes, vi pravas, Salivanto.


I think you reach the max level on all skills


Ave Caesar! I got my Eo owl at Level 14 but I should imagine people could get the T1 tree at a considerably lower level. If most of my later tree was blue, the first two checkpoints were pure gold. I had some orange, red and green at the start of the next checkpoint before the all blues took over.

I won't be trying to drive up those blue skills until I feel I'm forgetting the language. I've a long way to go now pushing up German and Italian next.


Wait, what is immersion XP? I never seen anything like that on Duo.


I think this is a lovely idea. I earned my Esperanto owl last Wednesday. ^_^


Congrats! (even though this is a year from when u posted XD) Anyway nice going with all your languages. You have a pretty nice streak going as well!

Would you say that you are actually fluent in the languages that you mastered?


Thanks! It does look like a bit much seeing all those flags together. No, I wouldn't claim that I am fluent or have mastered them. I can read a few of them with only occasional use of the dictionary, and hold a conversation in at least a couple of them but reading knowledge has been my focus for most of them.

Good luck with your studies!


Just finished - amusingly the last sentence was "I no longer have a good memory", perhaps true now it's filled with Esperanto.

Thanks to the Esperanto team for a great course.


Hahaha you couldn't make it up!


I finished the tree also (last Tuesday... I think... or at least the first congrats post I could find was from the 2nd June)

I'm baffled how anyone could get level 25 already 8-o


Mi ĵus konkeris la Esperantan arbon ĉe Duolingo!


I finished my Esperanto tree :)


I have just finished the tree, for me the hardest part is actually the english translation, haha. Dankon al Duolinga Espeanto-Teamo


I've finished!


I finished the Esperanto tree!!!


I also finished the tree a couple days ago


I have completed the Esperanto tree.


Gratulon al nova samideanino!


Saluton. Mi finis mian arbon antaŭ (ĉirkaŭ) ok tagoj. Post la tago kiam Sheldolina finis.


Dankon! :D Ĉu nur ok homoj finis la arbon? Mi pensis ke mi iris malrapide kaj multaj homoj finis la arbojn antaŭ mi! :P

Gratulojn, ĉiuj! Kaj bonan ŝancon al la aliaj!


Probably already +30 people (like me) finished their tree.


I finished the Esperanto tree a couple days ago. Add me please. Thank you :)


Mi finis la arbon hieraŭ.


I finished my tree - mi finis mian arbon


Mi kompletis la kurson antaŭ 16 tagoj. Dankon!


Mi ĵus atingis la arbo-supron, kaj la pejzaĝo estas belega! A huge thank you to the team that worked so hard to develop the course. This could be the most important advancement for Esperanto in a hundred years!


Please put me on the list! I just finished with a golden tree! Just under 4 weeks, I must be remembered! Thanks!


Mi finis la arbon en proksimume du horoj. Sed bonvolu ne kunnombri min, ĉar tio ne validas. Mi estas denaskulo kaj nur trairis la kurson por helpi trovi erarojn.


2 horojn nur? ôÔ Mi fidas vin sed ne komprenas kiel tio eĉ eblas :x


I did the English and the German one to try out Duolingo and it took me about 60-80 min. each. If you really speak the language and take all "test out" options, it can be done quite quickly.


Finfine, la venko kontraŭ la fortega Esperanta arbo! Mi estas tre kontenta pri tio kaj mi korege dankas la tutan teamon de la kurso!


Mi finis la arbon! Dankegon al la teamo. c:


I think it's very nearly three months since I finished the tree, but I finally have it all gold!

I might be overly excited about this...


Congratulations. Gratulojn. I think it takes some serious attention to achieve that - I've never managed it with any tree that I recall (I came close with German and Spanish a couple of times each since completing them). I must get round to challenging myself to make a tree completely gold. And once more, multajn gratulojn.


Oh no. I am finding it a greater challenge keeping it gold than it was completing it.


Oh, I'm glad it's not just me who found that!


I've also made it through the Esperanto tree already a week ago.


Tute ne gravas, sed ankaŭ min vi povas enlistigi :)


I have also finished the tree.


mi finis la arbon!


I also finished it :)


I have finished the tree as well :)


Anjaux mi venkas la Esperantan arbon--nefina venko! :-)


Mi finis la arbon!! Finfine!


Mi ĵus finis la esperanta arbon! Dankon al la Duolingo Esperanto Teamo. La kurso estas bonega!


Mi ĵust finis mian arbon. Dankon al la kurso teamo.


Mi estas fininta! :)


Mi kompletigis mian arbon longe antauxe... Bonvolu aldoni min ankaux. Emersono


Saluton, mi ĵus finis la Esperantan arbon!


Mi finis mian Esperanton Arbon!


I finally finished my first tree! Finally, after 5 days of intensive work. I feel so proud! :D


Congratulations! Keep it going, don't stop now!


Finfine, mi havas la ora strigo! If you could add me to the list that would be great. Dankon.


I have finished my Esperanto tree! :D


Mi finis la arbon, ka atingis nivelon 25. Bonvolu aldoni min.


Can you add me to the list? Just finished my first tree!!


Mi finis la kurson!


Mi atingis la dudek-kvinan nivelon en Esperanto!


I'm really stupid at languages and after almost three years here I still haven't finished a tree. I don't even do the immersion and have reached level 19 in French just by struggling through the exercises, but never reaching the end of them. It's as much as I can do to keep them golden.

It looks like Esperanto might be the first tree I actually finish. But not for a long time yet as I'm not halfway down yet and I'm already spending time reguilding it. I just want to post my admiration for anyone who finishes a tree. That's amazing. :)


I've still only finished the German tree. I should definitely finish the Esperanto tree someday... ;)


Finishing the Esperanto tree means something rather different for you, surely. :-)


Nice streak!


I'm the same, I wasn't much good at languages at school and never thought I'd be able to speak anything other than English until I found Esperanto.


It took me a long time to finish my French tree, and at times I felt like giving up because it seemed too difficult. Persevere and you will get there! Just concentrate on keeping the tree golden, and then when you feel a bit more comfortable then slowly add in more lessons. I find doing just a little bit every day helps me a lot more than trying to cram a lot in. You can do it!


Nice streak!


Bonvolu meti min sur la listo! Mi finis la esperantan arbon!


saluton al ĉiuj!

bonvolu aligi ankaŭ min al tiu-ĉi listo de frenezuloj! :-)


I finished my tree! :)


If you're still updating this, I'd like to have myself up there. Just finished the tree! And I'm open to finding someone who I could e-penpal it with to practice :)


Just finished it! :D


Mi ĵus finis mia arbon! Mia strigo estas tre bela, mi estas tre feliĉa nun!


La esperantan arbon mi ĝoje finfaris kaj mi esperas ke Duolingo faru la kurson ankaŭ por aliaj lingvoj. Mi ŝatus helpi krei novan Esperantan kurson por parlantoj de la germana, se Duolingo la helpon bezonus. Ĉar ni ĉiuj, kiuj uzas tiun ĉi retejon, jam Esperantiĝis aŭ baldaŭ Esperantiĝas, tio signifas, ke ni baldaŭ ne plu devus skribi tiajn mesaĝojn kiel tiujn ĉi angle! Mi deziras ke ĉiuj samideanoj fartu bone!


Mi ĵus finis la esperantan arbon!! Kia rajdo!! Bonvolu inkludi min sur la listo!


Just finished my tree!


Just finished the tree!


Mi ĵus finis la arbon! Dankon al ĉiuj!


Just finished the tree! I first learned about Esperanto in 2004, but until this course was released I never had the determination to learn more than the bare minimum. I am so excited to finally get that "umph" I needed to continue my studies. A huge THANK YOU to both the people at DuoLingo and the magnificent folks who helped make this course a reality!


Completed the tree a few days ago!


Finished the tree last night! Thanks for a wonderful course! All the developers have done a marvellous job.


Mi hierau vespere finis la esperantan arbon. Bonvolu aldoni min al la listo.


Hello, I have just finished my Esperanto tree and would appreciate it if you would add me to the above list. Thank you.


Mi "finfaris" la esperantan arbon hieraux. Bonvolu aldoni min al la listo.


Hej, mi faligis la Esperanto-arbon!


Mi finis mian arbon hieraŭ!


Hopefully I'll be added to the list soon, I'm halfway through my tree with about 24 topics left!


I'm proud to say that today I finally get to add my own name to the list!


Mi finis mian arbon pasintsemajne !!!


I finished the tree! Thanks to everyone who helped make it!


I finished the tree on Friday!


Mi jus plenis la Esperantan arbon!

[deactivated user]

    please add me to the Hallo of Fame :)


    Hi I finished my tree a while ago and it is still gold. Please add me to the list?


    If you're still updating this, may I please be added...pretty please with a cherry on top! I just finished my tree this morning!


    Finished! Well, at least with the first goal :)


    Mi finis antaŭ kelkajn tagojn sed mi eklernis Esperanton antaŭ kelkajn jarojn. Dankon por la kurso.


    Mi finis la arbon. Dankon. Tiu estas tre bona kurso.


    Bonvolu aldoni min ankaux. Mi delonge havas kompletan arbon...


    Bonvolu meti mian nomon en la Halon de Famo.


    Aldonu min ankaux ;)


    Mi finis la kurson antaux kelkaj monatoj sed mi ne sciis ke cxi tiu listo eksistis xD Cxu vi povus aldoni min al la listo? Dankon :)

    Ankaux, flootzavut aperas du fojoj en la listo.


    Mi ĵus finis mian arbon kaj havas oran strigon :) Bonvolu aldoni min al la listo. Dankon!


    Saluton! Ankaŭ mi ĵus finis mian Esperantan arbon, kaj ĝi estas tute ora :-) Ĉu vi povus aldoni min al la listo? Dankon, kaj dankon al la Esperanta teamo ĉe Duolingo! Vi regas!


    Finished the Esperanto tree today! Woo hoo!


    I finished the Esperanto tree today c:


    I have finished the Esperanto tree!


    Ne forgesu min. Kaj mi atingos nivelo 25!


    I was so pleased when i finished the Esperanto tree. Still trying to re-gild then keep gold and i am pleased to see i am still finding words on it i did not know.


    Thanks for maintaining this list. I finished the Esperanto tree end of last year. Could you add me to the list please?

    [deactivated user]

      Mi finis la esperantan arbon! Ĝi estas mia unua arbo.


      I finished the tree in December. Please add me too! Thanks :)


      Mi jxus finis la kurson! :) Efektive, mi finis gxin antaux kelkaj tagoj :P


      Just finished the Esperanto tree. Ĉi tiu kurso estas mirinda!


      Mi finis la arbon! Dankon!


      Mi finiĝis antaŭ longe. Sed kiam mi studadis, la E-o kurso estis iomete 'beta'. Ĉu tio sufiĉas?


      I've finished the tree if you're still adding people, finished it months ago actually.

      Edit: I wonder how people can prove that they've finished the course, if at all.


      I can see what level people have. You have to have at least level 10 before you finish the course, so anyone who doesn't have that doesn't get added. There have been one or two people who claimed to have finished the course but it wasn't on their profile, so I didn't add them to the list.


      I just finished the Esperanto tree!


      Mi finis la arbon!


      Mi finis la esperantan arbon


      I finished the Esperanto tree. Now my goal is to make it all gold, and practice more. I wish I lived closer to a group of speakers.


      So, if there was a community of speakers near by, what city would you have it in?


      I will be moving back to the Omaha area, I know there is a group there, though I don't know how active it is. I am uncertain if anyone else in my soon to be abandoned area is interested. Since I will longer be there I think it would be better, if and when a group happens there for it to come from a person interested and committed to that community. There is a registered group that is four hours away, so eight hours round trip. For some that might be close enough, for me my job was slave like and left me exhausted, so that was too far away.


      Mi finis la Esperantan arbon, sed mi devas ankoraux lerni multon.


      Mi finis la esperanta Arbo


      Mi finis la arbon. Fakte, mi faris ĝin antaŭ ĉirkaŭ du semajnoj.


      I'm a native Spanish speaker, and the Esperanto course for Spanish speakers will be released very soon, so if I ever complete the Esperanto tree for Spanish speakers, may I be added to the list too? And how can I prove I've finished the tree?


      Finfine!!! Mi finis mian arbon kaj mi havas mian oran strigon (buhon?). Bonvolu, vi povas aldoni min ĉi tie? Dankon


      Mi jxus finis! \o/


      I started the day after the course went live and just finished. Slow and steady.


      Hi rapn21, please add me. I'm at level 25 and have over 50,000 XP.


      Mi faris ĝin, kaj tute ora!


      I finished my Esperanto tree! Woohoo!


      Finfine, mi ĵus finis la Esperantan arbon, post 131 tagoj!


      Saluton! Mi finixgis la esperantan arbon kaj mi volas havi mian nomon sur la muro! Dankon! xgis!


      Please ad me to the list (Grzegorz K. JEKEL). bonvolu aldoni min al la listo.


      Ĉu vi povas aldoni min, mi petas? Mi finis la arbon kaj mi ankaŭ estas en la dudek kvina nivelo. Dankon! :)


      Mi estas fininta la arbo. Ĝi estis ora. Tio estis en augusto de 2016. Nun mi havas atingi nivelon 24. Bonvolu skribi mian uzantnomon sur la listo.


      I finished the tree today! I've been learning since November, and working through it slowly. I've been putting off the last exercise for weeks because I didn't feel ready, but today I decided to bite the bullet :-)


      Bonvolu aldoni mian nomon al la esperanto "Halo de Renomo" listo. Mi hodiaŭ finfine finis la esperantan arbon. Granda amuzo. Dankon!


      Mi finis mian arbon hieraŭ vespere. Bonvolu meti min en la listo, kaj dankon por la mirinda kurso (pardonu miajn erarojn en esperanto - mi ankoraŭ havas multe por lerni :D )


      Mi ĵus finis ĝin :) Tio ne estis tre malfacila. Mi nun legas la libron “Gerda Malaperis”, estas bona praktiko.


      no idea if this is still updating, but I just finished my tree :)


      Mi finis la kurson kaj ricevis la oran strigon! Bonvolu aldonu min :)


      I too just got the Golden Owl! Yea!


      Are you sure? Your profile doesn't mention Esperanto at all.


      If you look at his feed, you can see that he actually did do Esperanto for sure. It doesn't say which courses, but I wanna trust him :P


      Add me please! I finished ages ago actually; must have missed this somehow :) Really loved the course: some very funny sentences and the clearest, best Duolingo voice I've ever had in a course! Thanks for making it guys!


      I am not written there :(


      Mi finis la Esperantan arbon (multaj monatoj antaŭe) kaj nun mi provas origi ĝin!


      Saluton! Mi jxus finis la Esperantan kurson en la anglan. Mi baldaux faros gxin en la hispanan


      Good luck with that!


      Mi finis mian arbon!


      Mi ankaŭ finis la arbon esperanton!


      Mi finis mian Esperantan arbon du tagoj antaŭ. Bonvolu aldoni min :)


      (Cough) Ahem (cough cough) :) Dankon!


      Well, I finished the tree.


      Can you add me on the list please? My account should show that I have completed the Tree.


      I just finished not five minutes ago


      Mi havas fininta la esperanta arbo finfine! nun al Level25.


      I finished my Esperanto tree in early June (I have a screen shot of my Golden Owl from June 11, 2018. But a couple of weeks ago or so, I got the "upgraded" tree, and now my owl is no longer golden. But it will be again very soon. I will send an update once that's accomplished!


      Saluton, mi deziras esti en la listo! Baldau mi logros la oran liston :)


      I already finished my Esperanto tree.


      ankaux mi finis la arbon :)


      I finished the tree but still have a LONG way to go until I reach level 25. It's a fun and easy language, shouldn't be much of a hassle.


      Just finished last night, so please add me! Thank you.

      But how do I reach the maximum level now? Just keep practicing every day? I was planning to do that, in any case. I enjoy the language a great deal.


      Mi finfinis la kurson por la parolantoj de la Portugala en la lasta monato!


      Finfine mi finis la esperantan kurson de la angla. Antauxe mi jam finis la anglan kurson de la Indonezian. Dankon!


      For me an owl award would land like a dull thud if I couldn’t read, write and speak some functional Esperanto.


      If you ever get around to updating this list, could you please add me to the Golden Hall Of Fame? Dankon.


      I have gotten the entire course to level 5. Is this list still updated?


      I hope I can get into this list...


      Hieraŭ mi venkis la verdan strigon! Ĉu vi povas aldoni mian nomon?

      Learn Esperanto in just 5 minutes a day. For free.