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  5. "When did you get liver pâté?"

"When did you get liver pâté?"

Translation:Hvornår fik du leverpostej?

June 8, 2015



Just to clarify, pâté may be translated as either leverpostej or leverpate in danish. Pate is a finer paste than postej but is otherwise the same.


It's suddenly occured to me that pâté is basically just another word for 'paste' , what with the french habit of sweeping silent 's's under the carpet.

[deactivated user]

    Tip: When you see the circumflex (^) in French, it (usually) means an s has been left out after it. Compare:

    • hôpital = hospital

    • fête = fest/feast

    • hôte = host (although hôte in French means guest, they both come from Latin hospes)

    • forêt = forest

    • côte = coast

    • bête = beast

    • maître = master

    • île = isle/island

    • arrêter = arrest (to stop)

    There are many more examples of this happening.


    Filing that away for later.


    As a native dane, i can confirm that DuoLingo is utter shit when it comes to learning danish. Stay away..

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