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"Hieraŭ mia filino legis mallongan libron."

Translation:Yesterday my daughter read a short book.

June 8, 2015



Mi skribis "did read" anstataŭ "read". La programo malakceptis tiun respondon. (La angla ne estas mia gepatra lingvo!)


"Did read" is only used when you're affirming something (or placing more emphasis on the act of reading):

  • My daughter did read a short book! (someone was probably denying that).

Otherwise, the past simple only needs the auxilliary in the negative. "Read" here is in the past, not the present (they're both spelled the same way, with differences in pronunciation only).


does "short book" act as a synonym with "short story"?


A short book is a book that doesn't have many pages; a short story is a piece of writing under 7500 words.

Here you're just referring to a book, not its contents in terms of literature (novellas like The Metamorphosis or children's books are still short books, but they're not short stories "per se").


It sounds more like ĥieraŭ than hieraŭ.

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