"A cup of coffee and a cup of tea, please."

Translation:En kopp kaffe og en kopp te, takk.

June 8, 2015

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Why is the sentence ending with "takk" the correct translation? Is "takk" not thank you? Wouldn't this be rather vær så snill?

Thank you for you answer


'Takk' can be used in place of 'vær så snill' in phrases like this, where you're asking for something/a favour. So 'Takk' can mean 'please' in this context. Both are correct.


Is vær så snill formal and takk informal? Thanks :)


I wouldn't say that, but there's a distinction:

  • Takk is used when asking for something you expect to get, often because you're actually paying for it. This also means that it's mainly used when asking for things rather than services.
  • If you're pleading for something, or asking for something you haven't necessarily "earned", then it's "vær så snill".

If unsure, I'd err on the side of "vær så snill"; it's better to sound too courteous.


I was wondering this... that's similar to how it is in English. Usually it's an "I'll have (thing), thanks!" Some places you don't hear it that way as often because it's considered a bit presumptive.


Why 'med' is used before coffee? Thanks


"En kopp kaffe og en kopp te, ER DU SNILL" what?? (that's what appeared here)


Yet another option. It's close to the English "if you please".


How about "venligst" at the end?


"Vennligst" does not work in this context; it's always followed by a verb phrase:

"Vennligst lukk døren når du går."
"Please close the door when you leave."


What's different between "et"and"en"?

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