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  5. "Evenings in the summer"

"Evenings in the summer"

Translation:Kvelder om sommeren

June 8, 2015



What is the difference between "Kvelder om sommeren" and "Kvelder i sommeren". (The latter one was marked wrong here.)


The latter one doesn't make any sense in Norwegian. Prepositions doesn't always translate as you might want.


Ah okay, thanks. :) Is this something one has to learn by heart or did I missed something ?


Sadly, most of them has to be learned by heart. There are some rules, and they do translate directly sometimes, but there are many exceptions.


That's whats giving me trouble right now. I can't tell which to use in what situations. I'm sure I'll figure it out though.


Ive just mistakenly added the definite article to kveld but the correction has given it as aftener. When would you use aften in preference to kveld?

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