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"Sen çileği yersin, ben şarabı içerim."

Translation:You eat the strawberry, I drink the wine.

June 8, 2015



So many false friends with my language (Italian)...

"Ciliegia" means cherry, not strawberry...

and "sciroppo" means "syrup", not wine



I still have some misunderstanding about the use of Turkish accusative to mark the object as definite. Or maybe the correlation with teh english "the" is not always relevant. "Ben portakal yerim" = I eat oranges (= general, it's my habit). "Ben bir portakal yerim" (It can be the answer to the question "What do you eat for breakfast?"). But the sentence "Ben portakalı yerim" is not clear. What makes 'orange" definite? Does the situation implies that the speaker and the listener both know which orange is meant (as 'the orange you gave me")??? or else? In English when we answer the question 'What are you eating?' the answer "I'm eating an orange" is more natural because the function of the article is 'identifying an object"


"Every morning my mother goes to the market and buys one of every fruit. I eat the orange. My sister eats the banana. etc." :)

At this point in time, I wouldn't get too hung up on verb tense. You will explicitly learn that in a few skills down the tree.


I think it's just an exercise of using definite form , don't you find "filler kitapı okur" stranger ? : )


I guess the is not important


But I don't drink


So çonfuse this subject


This sentence sounds kind of great.


I just made a typo between i and I


Why only sugar comes befor in: şekeri ben yerim? While all other food comes after the subject?


What's wrong in the above sentence


Mi respuesta fue correcta, sólo faltó la "coma" , eso se penaliza?


My speaker is not responding properly what shoud i do


The audio often has problems and our answers are wrong.

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