"Ви любите готувати?"

Translation:Do you like to cook?

June 8, 2015

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I would say подобається (or an appropriate variant of) to say like. I would say люблю to say love. Duolingo accepts, inconsistently, like and love as a translation for люблю. Very confusing! So, can anyone explain? I am sure if your significant other said "I love you" and you replied "I like you" there would be some sparks, and not in a good way. LOL


In Ukrainian there is two common meaning of "люблю":

1) "feel affection" (when you are talking about affection between a man and a woman it is better to use the synonym "кохаю")

Я люблю тебе - "I love you"; Я люблю/кохаю свою дружину - "I love my wife"; Я люблю свою країну - "I love my country"

2) "like/enjoy" (the synonym is "мені подобається")

Я люблю читати/Мені подобається читати - "I like to read"; Я люблю цю книгу/Мені подобається ця книга - "I like this book"

Actually the same thing is in English too: http://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/love_2


I cannot distinguish between questions and affirmative sentences. :o


In writing the distinction is in question mark only :)

In speaking the distinction is in intonation (The tone of your voice should rise).


Just the intonation I cannot distinguish.


Question for a native speaker: doesnt готувати mean "to prepare?" One prepares dinner, which means the same thing as cooking dinner. But couldn't this sentance just mean "Do you like to prepare?" or "Do you like to make ready?"

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