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"An bhfógraíonn an múinteoir é?"

Translation:Does the teacher announce it?

June 8, 2015



Is there a reason that the teacher can't be announcing "him" instead of "it?" I put "Does the teacher announce him?" as in, the teacher is announcing someone who is, say, about to give a speech, but it was marked wrong.


The most likely reason is that the course creators didn’t anticipate it as a correct answer. When opportunity allows for you, use the Report a Problem facility to bring this to their attention.


Can "fógair" be used in that sense of "announce" a person? It seems to be "announce/proclaim/declare/make known" a thing (news, plan,decision etc) or "announce that..." (eg " d'fhógair sé go raibh sé chun éirí as" "he announced that...")


There’s an example of fógair as “proclaiming” a person in the sense of “announcing” hered'fhógair sé gurbh eisean an t-impire (“he proclaimed himself emperor”) — although that uses the “that” structure to accommodate the copula. The FGB offers Duine a fhógairt as an teach (“to order someone to leave the house“), but that isn’t in its “announce” sense. The NEID only offers cuir in iúl in the sense of announcing the arrival or presence of somebody, but their examples only use the “that” structure; the FGB offers Rud a chur in iúl do dhuine, so it might be limited to things as well.

It’s a good question, and I didn’t find a go-less example of fógair in the sense of “announce”, so perhaps it can’t be used go-lessly to announce a person.


Thanks! Too often I can't tell if I really am wrong and missed some grammatical point, or if I just found a new, alternate translation, so I tend to be hesitant to report a problem that I'm not sure actually exists. :/


I got it right!! I'm learning my do's and did's (although sometimes they throw an exception into the works to further confuse me.)


Can't I use advertise instead of announce? It was marked as incorrect.


When opportunity allows for you, use the Report a Problem facility to bring this to the course creators’ attention.


Do I use Report a Problem if I have a question?


You could, but since “advertise” is also a reasonable translation in this sentence, you’d really be reporting a problem.

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