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"Я читаю блог, він слухає радіо. а вона читає книгу."

Translation:I am reading a blog, he is listening to the radio, and she is reading a book.

3 years ago



А чомуж не 'блоґ' з буквою 'ґ' а 'г'? Це є 'bloG' а не 'bloH'....

1 year ago

[deactivated user]

    Many Ukrainians pronounce it with г and not ґ. For example, here are few links to TSN videos:

    As you can hear, it's clearly pronounced with г and not with ґ. The audio for this sentence is also pronounced with г.

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    [deactivated user]

      How is this forum post relevant?

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      This problem alreafy had the solution completed

      1 year ago