"Я читаю блог, він слухає радіо. а вона читає книгу."

Translation:I am reading a blog, he is listening to the radio, and she is reading a book.

June 8, 2015

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А чомуж не 'блоґ' з буквою 'ґ' а 'г'? Це є 'bloG' а не 'bloH'....

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    Many Ukrainians pronounce it with г and not ґ. For example, here are few links to TSN videos:

    As you can hear, it's clearly pronounced with г and not with ґ. The audio for this sentence is also pronounced with г.


    This problem alreafy had the solution completed


    Same happened to me


    Is this natural to say:
    "I am reading the blog, he is listening to the radio and she is reading the book."?


    "The blog" and "the book" are correct if you've already referred to them; otherwise, we would say "a blog" and "a book". "The radio" (rather than "a radio") is usual in English, because it's understood to refer to "the system of broadcast radio" (with which we expect most people already to be familiar). "He is listening to a radio" would draw attention to the radio receiver. So usually we talk about listening to "the radio".


    my answer was completely filled in already in the mobile version. I just had to hit "check"


    I am reading thr blog... Should be correct.

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