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Flashcard - necessary improvment

Hi, I've always been taught that in German it is essential to learn a noun with its defenite article as it is used in declention and so on. Unfortunatelly the flashcard feature lacks it! I saw the topic concerning the same subject from 7 month ago, and it has not been changed... Please, please, please improve it, as it is sooo much easier and I think it is memorized more efficiently to see a noun with the article at the same moment, and I do not have to look the word up it the dictionary everytime I am not sure about the grammatical gender of a noun.


June 8, 2015



J'aimerais savoir apprendre le néerlandais et l'allemand en francais.


I agree, it's especially confusing early on in both spanish and german when the flashcards have 4 different versions of "the" with no indication which is der and which is die, and so on. Please indicate the gender of articles or nouns.

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