"A média"

Translation:The average

December 27, 2012



Unit "Clothes": a média - the average ???

December 27, 2012


I can be the "average", the "mean value", the "mid sized".

And also "a cup of coffee with milk". (Only in snack bars, cafes and other stores that sell those stuff, because it is always asked in a mid size cup)

September 13, 2013


a meia is the sock... média is mean some translation problems, just like in spanish

December 28, 2012


this was most likely meant to be the sock, otherwise it has nothing to do with clothing

January 7, 2013


I think that média means an average size of clothing, not large, not small.

January 9, 2013


Isn't this supposed to be "sock"? Why is median/average in this unit?

January 16, 2013


I thought it was sock almost like in Spanish ''media''

February 6, 2013


I agree that this word does not fit into the category - meia would make more sense

January 11, 2013


This is an error or a trick. The word média has two meanings. One is the middle of something. Another one is an average number. For the clothing category we should talk about the word "meia" that refers to stockings or socks !

January 17, 2013


the translation is correct but the word does not fit the category; probably a mistake.

February 6, 2013


maybe this is supposed to be "a medium" like a medium-sized piece of clothing... but "medium" was marked wrong.

May 4, 2013


Here in São Paulo I see it all the time in context like "pequeno - médio - grande" concerning portion size, so yes, it is correct.

July 3, 2013
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