"May I try shorts on?"

Translation:Можна поміряти шорти?

June 8, 2015



I am not a native speaker of English, but I do have a high command of the language. And my gut feeling defenitely says that "May I try shorts on" feels very unnatural. I rather opt for "May I try THESE/THAT/YOUR/MY shorts on". For "May I try shorts on" you would ask for a general permission to try on all shorts on in general that exist in this world/country/city whatever and this is odd...

July 14, 2015


As a native speaker I agree with your sentiment.

November 7, 2015


я можу поміряти шорти?

Isn't it possible to use this word order with rising intonation to ask the question?

June 8, 2015


Intonation is always a good way to ask a question in Ukrainian :)

June 8, 2015


I thought I remembered reading that in one of the "tips & notes" sections, but I was marked wrong, so I thought I had better check.

June 8, 2015
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