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"Words with Friends"-like games for Portuguese?

I'm looking for a social word game that I can practice my current level of Portuguese with my friends.

Something like Words with Friends http://www.wordswithfriends.com/ , but in Portuguese perhaps?


October 2, 2013



Although it is browser based and so may not appeal to you, a Brazilian friend suggested a "guess the word from a drawing" type game hosted here:


Of course, being a Brazilian site all the words are Portuguese. The instructions are in Portuguese too but it doesn't take long to get the hang of it.

One neat feature is that one person can register with the site and create different games (called "salas") based on different classes of words and then hand out invitations to their non-registered friends (the only real advantage of registering as far as I can see is that the site then keeps a record of your high scores).


Thats a nice game. Bit complicated though, and takes practice and creativity.


Eu não sei, querido! Mas aqui tem uma brasileira, de onde você é, por favor?


Eu sou do Canadá e minha amiga é da Alemanha. Estou à procura de um jogo divertido que podemos praticar português juntos.

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