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A Thank You! (and a comment)

I wanted to thank the Ukrainian team so much for this wonderful opportunity to learn my great-grandfather's second language. It is very fun and wonderful to learn it on Duolingo, especially with the Mac OS "Cyrillic - phonetic" keyboard layout. I have one comment for the course's improvement. Oftentimes all the forms of a noun or adjective will be listed in a single hint ("Example, Examples, Examplees, Examplos..."), and this is less than ideal. In the Norwegian course, all the applicable forms are added separately, that way the hint that is appropriate in that context can rise to the top, and the student knows exactly which one to choose. I suggest that the Ukrainian team convert to that system, so that the many forms of the nouns, verbs, and adjectives can be understood.

Thank you again for everything, Team Ukrainian!


June 8, 2015


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