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Simple Esperanto magazine for learners- Free download

As I mentioned in a previous thread, you can get a paper copy of an Esperanto magazine from UEA by passing an exam on Lernu.net (and hopefully soon they will have some free examples available for download).

I have also found that the 1972-2013 editions of the magazine Juna Amiko from the ILEI (Esperanto Instructor Association) is available for download.


or direct link to google drive repository:


This magazine is for beginners with puzzles, exercises, quizes, crosswords, and articles using simple text and geared towards young people and a multinational readership.

June 8, 2015



Great resource! Thank you.


All them in your google drive are from the 70s and 80s? I see there is a possibility to subscribe in the original page (Abono/kotizoj) but I see nothing newer than 2013.


(Please note this is not my google drive link, but rather seems to have been done by the ILEI). 1972 though 2013. I am not sure of the status of the ones since 2013, but I imagine they are reserved for subscribers, or have simply not yet been digitized. Because of the interest on this forum, I have discussed with Dr. Fettes at the UEA making available some back issues of Revuo Esperanto and Kontakto, and they seem enthusiastic about the idea. So we may see some more Esperanto magazines available for download.


I was unable to download it


So else can I find beginner reading material without having to monkey around with google's messed up site?


Can you make a zip file with all of them and put a link to download it?


Unfortunately, no. These magazines are the copyright of ILEI and while they have very kindly made them available online, I do not have permission to repackage or redistribute them in any way. The google drive link is (I believe) their doing. You might contact the ILEI and see if they would object to making a zip file available.


Thank you Dankon

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