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Esperanto name?

I read the notes about Esperantists give themselves names easier to say in Esperanto, what would my name be (Ashton)? Would it not change?

June 8, 2015



I have long resisted getting Esperantized as Johano, though there have been cases in Esperanto gatherings where people have called me that. I just respond gracefully. I do have a friend who calls me "Joĉjo," which I don't really like, but I'm gracious about that too.

If you want to be Aŝtono, fell free (you could even call youself Ŝtono).


Then I (Rafael) would be called "Raĉjo" ?


Well, what you could do is look up the meaning of your name, then translate that meaning into Esperanto and go by that (if it sounds nice). Just an idea.


I personally thought that the nicknames were cute (Like adding -njo for girls names, I can't remember what the boys' suffix was), so if anything I may change my name to make it easier to nickname, haha.


You could shorten your name to Asxton


I found these 2 web sites helpful:

Choosing an Esperanto Name - http://esperanto.lodestone.org/novajxoj/kurso/nomoj-2011.html

Behind the Names, Esperanto Names - http://www.behindthename.com/names/usage/esperanto


You could go by Aŝto and when people use accusative you'll be Aŝton which would basically be Ashton, idk lol.


Nice idea. I think that's what I'd do.


Well, according to the lesson notes, it's your choice! You an always stick to our own name but you're also free to choose a different name.

I don't really think that Ashton is hard to pronounce for many people... So, I guess there would be no need to change it. But that doesn't mean that you can't do it, right?

Personally, I wouldn't change my name but it's VERY easy already and matches the Esperanto phonetics and naming guidelines so closely that it would just create more trouble to use an alternative name.


I was wondering the same thing about my own name. Some people have a hard time pronouncing it. I would suggest choosing whatever version sounds right for you. Its going to be you nickname your stuck with after all. :)


I also really want an Esperanto nickname...my name is Sonia but i like my spelling and don't really want to make it Sonja. I kind of want to use a nickname suffix but i feel like using the female one isn't "different" enough. Could i use the male suffix instead, or is that kind of a taboo?


No idea if its taboo, but it could well be confusing. People might think you're a transitioning transsexual and start calling you he in mistaken solidarity.


Hmm, yeah. Sighs, i just wanted an accent mark....


You could call yourself, "Ŝonja". Then you can make everyone you meet sound like Sean Connery.

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