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  5. "Hva får jeg for det?"

"Hva får jeg for det?"

Translation:What do I get for it?

June 9, 2015



Very difficult to recognize in audio. But that's just the difficulty of the language, not an error in the audio...


Agreed, I cannot tell får and for apart in terms of pronunciation.


To me, 'far' is pronounced more like 'fawr' and får more like 'foor'.


I kinda' feel like "får" is pronounced something more like the English word "for." But the Norwegian word "for" sounds pretty much identical to "før." That's what's getting me -_- Is that just due to a problem with the audio?


Jeg tror,,, får sounds like "boar" (with an f) and

for sounds like "fur"


I have trouble with many words on audio. So many sound exactly the same to me. I get stuff wrong quite often on the "Type what you hear" things because I can't tell the difference between so many words! It's very frustrating. Worse is when we get words in audio that we haven't even heard in the lesson yet!


What does får actually mean? It seems to mean both to get and shall depending on context


You've answered your question.


Får means the same and is pronounced nearly identically to the Gaeilge word 'fuair'. Maybe a bit of Viking influence still coming through?!


What is the context of that sentence? I can't get it, really. Someone lend me a hand, please.

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