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The Incubator Count Down Is On

Is anybody else excite for the new changes coming to Duolingo? How do you plan to make it better? Only about 2 days left till the eggs are finally hatched...

October 3, 2013



Latin. I plan to make it better by adding Latin. :) Aaaaah!!! I'm as excited for Oct. 9th as if it was my birthday! Yippee!


i'm learnig latin already, so this will be nice! it's already October 3!!!


Oh, that would be awesome. Homeschoolers everywhere would bless you.


Any thoughts on how to teach the case system?


Is it Oct 9th yet? I'm excited. Can't wait.


Irish- hopefully :)


I might start greek...


Here everybody, a course for Irish is coming to duolingo- the best website for actually learning a language. Bring that moment closer by sharing this notice and upping the comments.


Why learn Irish? https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1760754

The more people up, the quicker it will make an appearance of duo!

So please share the word!

Please support mo chairde!


It was as if Luis read my mind (or maybe my comment, I'm not sure) when he said "and maybe even Elvish". I really want Sindarin or Quenya to happen.

On a side note, this has got to be the weirdest discussion title I've seen on here.


Really, how so? :)


I don't think I'd ever expect to hear about "incubator countdowns" on a language-learning site.


I definitely want to learn Japanese!


klingon, for sure


I think this is wonderful and I'm really looking forward to it! I do wonder about one little thing though: will language teachers be able to promote their services using it? I worry that the Duolingo time will consider that a kind of spam, but that's it's something that would really aid both contributors and language learners.

Now I'm not a language instructor myself, but as a student I can say that my Swiss-German teacher will probably be more motivated to contribute if it can help build awareness of her language school.

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