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  5. "I met her outside the shop."

"I met her outside the shop."

Translation:Jeg møtte henne utenfor butikken.

June 9, 2015



Butikken isn't really considered a shop: (verkstedet) or mechanic shop . Butikken is a store in which people shop at.


Hi, Luke! "The shop" and "the store" are perfectly interchangeable in English, in most contexts, including this one.


Thanks for the reply Luke! That is entirely true! I was just a little surprised to meet an incorrect answer. Considering the course just came out, it's understandable. so next time I'll just report.


The British use "shop" exactly where Americans use "store". In British English, store is only used as a verb, "to store something", or very specifically a shop in which the merchandise is also kept for storage, like an electronics store.


Hvorfor henne men ikke hun på dette setningen?


Because "henne" is the object here, and "hun" is a subject pronoun.

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