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  5. "Ŝi ŝanĝas vin."

"Ŝi ŝanĝas vin."

Translation:She changes you.

June 9, 2015



This sentence has a story behind it.


Sofia really messed him up


How do you know Sofia didn't fix Adamo's bad habit of interrupting people?


rakonto pri incesto!


Person: "When I learn a new language, I feel silly. I don't feel like I'm able to talk about complicated life problems in my new language; all I can say is "I like the food" and "The dress is long" and other silly phrases."

DuoLingo: "OK, you've got it! Life drama in your lessons it is!"


When the Duolingo Irish course was in beta and I tried a bit of it, one of the sentences to be translated was simply "Pol.", which translates as "Paul.".

There were some funny comments about that, along the lines of "Very interesting, I wonder how this character will develop as the course moves along.".

It turns out that, if I remember right, that is probably based on some Irish educational books for children that had a character in them called Pol Peist (Paul the Worm).


If you're wondering he becomes President of Ireland in the Irish course :Þ


Spoilers, man, come on! You have ruined the truly epic storyline of Paul the Worm for me forever! I now see now point in learning Irish if I already know what happens to Paul!


I love the way the translator says this. It sounds almost sad. Very poetic, DuoLingo.


That's because they didn't use a translator for this course - they have a real person recording the phrases!


I noticed that when they say "you kiss her!"


Haha thought the same!


Adamo! Get out! It's a trap!


Bro, what happened to you!


Plot twist: "she" is in fact the beer the bears were drinking


Maybe I like that about her, jeez!


When I'll complete Esperanto course, I'll write story about it. This sentence is really sad.


I want to read that so here's a lingot and I decided to follow you on Duolingo. Also, mlp is life.


Comment left four years ago and dektri13 is still level 9 by XP. I think you'll be waiting a while.


The speaker sounds concerned


Does this work when phrased with diapers?


Laŭ la vortaro, tio estas revindi. :) Vindi estas meti vindotukon/vindaĵon (diaper), do revindi estas remeti ĝin.


I hope she changes him for the best!


This is the most classical of all flaws in a relationship; noboby has to try to change their partners, it is futile; doing so will only lead to suffering for both parts, it can dalay it, sure, but it inevitably will lead to bad, even traumatic experiences. Just partner with someone you like as is.


An exception might be getting them to quit drugs or something like that.


...or at least she thinks that she does.

[deactivated user]

    Soap Opera classic xD


    I don't even know who you are anymore.

    [deactivated user]

      His clothes?


      This is evidence that every sentence in the Esperanto course is connected and tells the story of Adamo and Sofia's relationship over time.


      Shi shanghas vin was marked wrong. I don't have a keyboard for Esperanto.


      Of the two alternative systems for the accents—the h-system and the x-system—Duolingo only supports the x-system.


      I think the H-system is probably not supported because it can create ambiguities since H is a letter in Esperanto, whereas X is not, so the X-system is unambiguous.

      Incidentally, if you are using a Mac computer, you can set it to use the U.S. Extended keyboard mapping. This allows you to use Option-6 and then the letter to get Ĉ, Ĝ, et c. and Option-B and then U to get Ŭ. I'm not sure about Windows computers though.


      Didn't test it on Windows, but on my PC (Linux) with layout: 'US, intl, with dead keys' I can do Shift+6 and (s,g,j,h,c) to get (ŝ,ĝ,ĵ,ĥ,ĉ) and Control+Alt+Shift+9 and then 'u' to get ŭ.

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