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  5. "Ĉu vi memoras min?"

"Ĉu vi memoras min?"

Translation:Do you remember me?

June 9, 2015



I don't understand the dropdown - "montras" would also be grammatically correct and would presumably translate to "Do you show me [to somebody]?" Doesn't it?

Edit: To clarify, this is for the drop-down exercise that doesn't show any English translation, requiring a decision purely based on grammar.


I guess so, but memoras sounds more likely than montras here. It's still kind of confusing, though.


Could you remember me? vs Could you show me?

I would think that could you show me is the more likely one... But they're still both correct.



Buck, cxu vi memoras min?


This sounds so beautiful.


The audio is so fast on this. I hope there is a slow down function available for Esperanto soon.


Unlikely. It would require either finding a text-to-speech program with Esperanto support, or rerecording all the sentences.


I would say that it's unnecessary due to Esperanto's phonetic spelling. I might hear "iri" instead of "ili" perhaps, but paying close attention you can figure out how to spell it. It's just a matter of spaces, which are usually obvious from pauses and just grammar.


I just figured out that it will mark a typo if you write Cxu but not CXu. I'm going to use CXu from now on


i guess you need to use CXu because CX=Ĉ in the typing system, Cx would be counted as another word instead (which 'x' don't exist in esperanto


I find it can be really inconsistent, for example sometimes marking jx as a typo in a word like manĝaĵo


Montras is a correct answer here. The question was not specific enough so either answer should be accepted.


I think "mi" is not the direct object of "montras".
show me (something) = montras (ion) al mi
remember me = memoras min


I choose "Ĉu vi memoras min?" which is not marked as a correct answer. I cannot report that, because the only options are: "The Esperanto sentence is unnatural or has an error." and "The "Correct solution" is unnatural or has an error.". There is no option that my sentence should be accepted too.

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