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"Our skirts"

Translation:Bizim eteklerimiz

June 9, 2015



Could this also be "ete─čimiz", since Turkish often uses singular where English uses plural?


Here, "Bizim ete─čimiz" means that we own one skirt. "Bizim eteklerimiz" means that we own more than one. So, the meaning changes.


There are very few times where Turkish will use singular and English will use the plural. One of the instances just so happens to be really commonly used (read: general direct objects). Unless it is a general direct object or something that is always assumed to be in a pair (like gloves, shoes, or hands), you will normally have to use the plural suffix.

Remember, there are always exceptions to what I said as well :D


Can I say just eteklerimiz -- without the possessive pronoun?

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