"Sen benden büyük müsün?"

Translation:Are you older than me?

June 9, 2015

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Currently "Are you larger than me?" is marked as wrong, while it suggests "Are you large than me?" (sic) as a correct answer. Reported, as presently we are being penalized for not making the same typo :p

EDIT to mention that this is now accepted.


In another discussion a turkish speaker stated that to imply weight or size you don't use buyuk/kucuk, only for age.

Now that I see the Edit, I want to go find that quote from the turkish speaker, lol.


I'll admit that my answer was completely wrong, so I won't even bother repeating it, but as I tried to form some sentences of my own to become more familiar with this grammatical structure, I began to wonder if this sentence is correct as is or if it should include "daha" before "büyük." I especially began to wonder about this after going to tatoeba.org and seeing virtually every example of a comparative structure (such as this one) include "daha" before the adjective. Then, a little further in this lesson, I read a post that cleared it all up for me. You can link to it here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8756028. If you don't want to link to it, the information at the link asserts that the "daha" is optional.


Thanks. For educational purposes the option with "daha" would be more appropriate here.


Thanks, I was wondering if there was a rule about when to use daha.


shouldnt it be daha büyük müsün?


"daha" is optional in most cases :)


The English translation "Are you bigger than I?" should also be correct, if not more correct!


You can report it. (We just had a big debate in another thread about whether "than me" should be an accepted/preferred translation for comparative statements. "Than me" is so widely used that I'm in favor of using it as the preferred translation, but I imagine they'll accept "than I" as an alternative if you report it.)


To my ear, "than me" still sounds wrong. It sounds like "with she". I prefer "than I". But as always with languages, you cannot win the battle. If everyone says "than me", it will eventually become the right way of saying it. In the meantime, both should be accepted.


The TTS is particularly muffled and unhelpful for this one.


Is not büyük "big" as in size? What is the exact word for older/elder, big, large, high and tall? Thanks in advance :)


Would "Sen benden yaşlı mısın" work, too? Or does it have to be "büyük"?

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