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Resources you use for intermediate Turkish?/Kaynaklar orta seviye Türkçe için ne kullanıyorsınız?

As this post is not relevent to beginners I am not going to write it in English but will attempt to write it in Turkish.

https://ankiweb.net flaşkart için kullaniyorum ve http://www.turkcealtyazi.org/ biliyorum ama başka kaynaklar siz ne kullaniyorsunuz ve ne düşünüyoruz?

June 9, 2015



hello! i am turkish native speaker but my english is not weel. i can't just understood what are you say. but i advise you these for developing your intermediate turkish, especially reading and writing. these sites likes 4chan , reddit

https://eksisozluk.com/ ( more entellectual and that being a writer is hard after sign up ( i can't be writer still :) )

http://www.incisozluk.com.tr/ ( more slangy just like 4chan )

http://www.uludagsozluk.com/ ( than normal )

https://tr.instela.com/ (than normal )

and i can help you too


Thank you very much. I do not need another teacher but I will have a look at those.

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