"Bir yıl elli iki haftadır."

Translation:A year is fifty-two weeks.

June 9, 2015

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A year is 52 weeks long


Please use words for this course! We are going to phase out digits pretty soon. Basically, there may be some sentences that are shared with the reverse course and we want to make sure they Turks spell out the numbers in full (just like how we want you to spell out the numbers in Turkish). Take this as a chance to practice numbers in English as well! :)


Dear Alexin, many thanks your kind reply and understand the logic now. I really really not in need of practicing numbers in English, but I'll be less annoyed now you've explained the reason ;) many thanks to the team for beautiful app and keep up a good work


I pronounced the sentence right but some times duo is not accepting it anyway


Dear Alexin, please explain. haftadır or haftalar


This is stating an encyclopedic fact, so you should use -dir here.

You can never use the plural suffix after number. Never, ever :)


I translated like this: there are fifty two weeks in one year. But it shows I am wrong. Why?


That'd be a slightly different construction, just like it is in English. I'm no expert, but I do know that it'd end in "var". As far as meaning, it's basically the difference between stressing "one year" or "fifty two weeks".


Because it isn't stating or describing the number of weeks in a year. It's telling you a fact that 'a year is fifty-two weeks'.

I get it like this.


So it asked me to type in English, and i typed in Turkish-it took away a heart. Later, I typed in the incorrect language again, and this time it gave me a prompt! Why the difference?


I am pronouncing it correctly yet I keep getting wrong answer. Something is wrong with the platform. Pls check so that learners don't get frustrated.


I hate when there's not to be verb


"A year is of 52 weeks " is not accepted

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