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  5. "I sign my name on the paper."

"I sign my name on the paper."

Translation:Síním m' ainm ar an bpáipéar.

June 9, 2015



I'm glad that "Síním m' ainm ar an bpáipéar" can be produced by typing "I sign my name on the paper" in English, but blindfolded and typing only with one's nose, because having thought that about the reverse sentence is honestly how I recalled it here :p


I was marked right, except for not leaving a space between "m'" and "ainm". As far as I'm aware, there isn't supposed to be a space between them.


There isnt supposed to be a space, but some of the earliest exercises do have a space because of a bug in Duolingo that didn't allow contractions like that. The bug has since been fixed but this exercise hasn't been deleted and replace by a new one without the space.


I got it right but I am curious to know why the "b" on páipéar. Anyway, I'll try to look it up. I think it is something I have not gotten to in my grammar book yet.

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