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What does duolingo look like on your iPhone 4S?

Duolingo on my wife's iPhone 4S, running iOS 7.0 has a nice flat UI that seems to match iOS 7. Here's a screenshot... http://www.flickr.com/photos/wplate/10062636865/

On my iPhone 4S running the slightly newer iOS 7.0.2 Duolingo has an older-looking appearance... http://www.flickr.com/photos/wplate/10062614824/

I prefer the UI my wife sees. We installed the app on our phones the same evening. Anyone know which UI I should expect, or why we're seeing differences?

October 3, 2013



Wow that's very interesting. I have an iPhone 4 and have the "older" look. I've never seen the "newer-looking" version before. And actually the Duolingo app on my iPhone has had some glitches with the graphics since I updated to iOS 7.


Duolingo on my iPhone 4S looks like the one in the second link. I've never seen the first one, may be due to that I didn't use Duolingo on my phone within the period of time till I updated to iOS 7.0.2., so I don't know what it was looking like when I had iOS 7 installed. Very interesting if it's related to the recent update. Newer-seeming look is so nice.


An update just came out with this newer-version. Awesome!


New look has come in the update. It's time for you all to get it. :)


I know what you mean, man (your photos are unavailable). I've got 4s and have trouble with that "5 hearts health system". It's really irritating sometimes. I hate it. Also, you don't have lingots there, but azure gems, but it still synchronizes with the Duolingo tho.

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