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[feature request]: 'Lesson feedback'

I've just come from a grueling 40-question skill-strengthener.

Loud exhale.

I realise that Duolingo does certain experiments between user groups and uses data to find answers HOWEVER, is it possible to have an option to give 'lesson feedback' upon lesson completion?

For example, my 40 questions were 90-95% English -> French translations (presumably the hardest type of questions.)

These types of hyper-difficult sessions really kill my motivation and put me on-tilt for language learning. Is it possible to have a formal way to give this feedback, rather than complaining in the forums?

If such a feature exists and I've missed it, my apologies!

June 9, 2015



See the other side of the coin .

You've already given lesson feedback, any more would be pointless. When you do an exercise the questions you got wrong, the time it took you, the type of questions you got are all logged by Duolingo. Feedback right after completing a lesson would probably be biased anyway.

More importantly the incubator contributors have no control over what questions learners see, so they couldn't do anything about it even if they wanted.


Fair enough, good points! I will bare through it and if they deem it necessary to change it, I can presume that they will

Edit: just had another grueling lesson, couldn't even finish it using all hints+Google Translate :(

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