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"Ĉu vi spektos la dancon en la teatro?"

Translation:Are you going to see the dance in the theater?

June 9, 2015



whats the difference between spekti and rigardi


I'm guessing "rigardi" is more everyday, and is more "to look at", whereas "spekti" is for things where you're in an audience, like a performance or a sports game, since it's derived from the word "spectate". But if someone knows better, go ahead?


Why is it neccesarily "will you GO see"?


That is just an oddity of English. "going to [verb]" means that the verb is taking place in the future. "Will you see..." is just as correct, although does not sound as natural.


Why not "Will you spectate the dance in the theater?" Given the look of "spekti" it makes sense.


Bad English. "Spectate" is an intransitive verb. Spectators spectate, but they don't spectate the event; they just spectate.


"Spectate" comes from the word "spectator", oddly enough, and didn't exist until the late 18th century. Using it as a transitive verb does not seem off to me, and I am a native speaker of English.


sorry about reporting that and my previous comment. I see I left 'you' out by mistake.

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