"He went home."

अनुवाद:वह घर गया।

June 9, 2015

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He went to home...सही है न की he went home....


Destinations (objects of verbs of motion) must be in the oblique case, but they do not require Position in Hindi. वह मेरे कमरे जा रहा है - He is going to my room. .

In English, generally preposition 'to' not used with destination like 'home' , 'school' , 'room', 'office' if it is not a 'Proper noun' . Please understand, Grammar English is filled with demons called 'Exceptions' and there are 'Exceptions of Exceptions.' : )


For an English learner of Hindi, this is also the same with घर. Why not घर को ...? because there are always exceptions ;-)


While 'home' is such an exception in English, none of the others you mentioned are. We go home rather than 'to home', but we go to school, to our rooms, to the office, to work. They all require the preposition 'to'.


Why repeat the answer? Leave discussion for questions ABOUT the answer.


वहा घर गया है - बरबर उच्चारण


वह घर गया

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