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  5. "Jeg er ved at spise."

"Jeg er ved at spise."

Translation:I am eating.

June 9, 2015



In what scenario would you use this rather than jeg spiser?

[deactivated user]

    "Har du tid til at købe ind nu?"

    "Nej, jeg er ved at spise."


    It's like the difference between "I eat" and "I am eating." This sentence is the latter.


    But in the first lesson (or one of the first), we were taught that "spiser" could either mean "is eating" or "eats". I think the difference is more subtle than can be explained by your comment.

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    It's to emphasize the fact that it's currently happening right now, right ? I guess in english it would translate by adding a few liaison words, like "right now" or ""at the moment" or something like that ? Am I wrong ?


    That's not correct. Both "jeg spiser" and "jeg er ved at spise" mean "I'm eating". The latter one is to emphasize the enduring aspect of the action.


    What's the difference between "jeg er ved at spise" and "jeg sidder og spiser"? Don't they both mean the same thing?


    Could ved be explained in the translation a little better? I find the words that it translates as do not correspond with the correct answer. It makes it difficult to know exactly how to use it.

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    You can see "ved" in this situation like a "currently". I'm currently eating (right now). In french we sometimes say "en train de [+ infinitive verb] .." (which could be translate by... "in the process of"...I guess)


    Thanks ! Now I understood


    I thought it meant " about to "


    There is no way the word 'er' is being spoken here.; is it standard Danish to 'swallow' this whole word in this construct?


    It's extremely common. Danes tend to combine and swallow portions of, and entire words.


    Could it be translated as I am about to eat??


    The previous translation of "jeg sidder og spiser" is also "i am eating". Are these usually used in different situations? Or either is fine when talking of currently eating?


    Did you see @viktorbluhme's answer?

    ' "Har du tid til at købe ind nu?"

    "Nej, jeg er ved at spise." '

    That should explain it. Do you need further help?


    I need further help. As far as I can see no one has explained the difference, if any, between "jeg er ved at spise" and "jeg sidder og spiser" yet. Both BillyJohns and inney asked two years ago. I think it is a valid question. Isn't it time someone answered?

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