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  5. "Hoe doet jouw kind dat?"

"Hoe doet jouw kind dat?"

Translation:How does your child do that?

June 9, 2015



This is probably a silly question but I'm just wondering why this sentence only needs one do/does? In the English translation, does/do occurs twice - "how does your child do that?". I am just wondering why the "do" is not needed in Dutch?

June 9, 2015


English uses "to do" as an auxiliary verb in questions and negations:

  • Do you want coffee?
  • No, I do not want coffee.

This is peculiarity of English, a grammatical construction that can't be translated literally. Dutch doesn't use an auxiliary verb in either of those cases:

  • Wil je koffie?
  • Nee, ik wil geen koffie.
June 9, 2015


This is the first time I've seen Dutch use do/does/doing.

July 20, 2015


Yes, but doet corresponds to the do in the end, not to the does in the beginning (which is not used in Dutch).

❤❤❤ doet jouw kind dat? = How does your child do that?

July 31, 2015


The fact that Dutch leaves "do/does" out of speech has made it enormously difficult to construct sentences in person. I keep trying to put them in...

March 27, 2017


Why no did?

June 12, 2017


Like why would it be did and not do

March 26, 2018


what would be translation of How is your child doing?

February 7, 2018


'❤❤❤ gaat jouw kind?' I'm guessing

February 19, 2018


❤❤❤ gaat het met jouw kind?

September 11, 2018


❤❤❤ gaat het met jouw kind? ❤❤❤ gaat het met je kind. I am Dutch. Both are well

November 1, 2019


Dat is raar. Op de plaats van de hartjes hoort een woord te staan! H o e

November 1, 2019


It isn't allowing 'Kid ' instead of child...

June 19, 2019
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