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  5. "Sein Gegner ist aktiv."

"Sein Gegner ist aktiv."

Translation:His opponent is active.

October 3, 2013



I've read football articles, and I'm absolutely sure "Gegner" can mean competitor or opponent.


how can you tell when "Sein" is a respective "your" and when it is a "his"? i'm always confused :(


Your cant be Sein From what i learned from DL "Your" can have 3 translations:

  • dein/deine/... : when you talk to one person in an informal way

  • euer/ eure/ ... : when you talk to more than one person in an informal way

  • ihr/ihre/... : when you are talking formally ( respective your )


enemy is not good?


Der Feind = the enemy


Well, the first translation PONS gives us from Gegner is indeed Enemy. Looks like we have to use the synonym for such word. Opponent and Rival.


I'm sure in certain context Gegner can be used to mean an enemy. However, I think the most common use is Opponent or Rival.


could someone explain in what sense "aktiv' means 'serving'? It would make sense in the context of tennis here, but that doesn't seem to work


I assumed it could mean serving as in tennis. In that case the opponent would both be active (playing) and serving??


Could Its opponent is active also work? Like say a bull's opponent during a bullfight.


'serving' doesn't work


I haven't seen the word "Gegner" in Duolingo before, so I was puzzled when I heard it, in a sense I didn't know have I heard it well, should I really write that down, it wasn't used before, what if I heard it wrong etc. Is this something I should report to Duolingo? I mean, new words shouldn't be in the hear-to-type-afterwards sessions before one actually learns there is such a word. Now I know it is, no problem there now, but confused me a lot first.


Gegner was taught in lesson 3 of the People module. The only way it would be new to you here is if you jumped ahead.


I didn't jump ahead... I guess then it was in a sentence I had to translate to English from some offered choices, otherwise I am sure I would have memorised it better :/


Why enemy is marked wrong?


Why competitor is marked wrong?


A competitor is someone that is competing and therefore is not necessarily against you. A competitor could be a teammate.


I put, "his enemy is active" why is this wrong?? When the word was first introduced this was one of the word meanings :/


I wonder where would I use that for


This is a sentence one will never use.


how i feel when i see the leader board

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