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"O pescador bebe uma xícara de café."

Translation:The fisherman drinks a cup of coffee.

October 3, 2013



Hopefully ele não tem um peixe na sua xícara de café.


I just love the word xícara. It sounds so cool and exotic....


I love those word-for-word translations :)


What about 'uma bica'? Or can you only use that for an espresso?


Yes, a "bica" is a small cup of expresso (in the Lisbon area of Portugal). It's quite specific, so we don't accept it here - we do however allow "chávena de café", which is the Portuguese equivalent of "xícara" (which we also use, but more infrequenty).


It's not a brasilian portuguese option... bica is a kind of fount


"Bica" is a word used in the South of Brazil to indicate a "ribeiro, ribeirão, pequeno córrego ou uma fonte de água pura". In english, it means small brook, I believe.


Copo is cup and xicara is a cup of glass or other material with handle to drink beverages like coffee for example... Have xicaras of plastic too. But not is a mug for drink beer, is another type of glass. Ps: I'm brazilian, sorry my english


prefer copo for cup, an xicara for glass.......just sounds nicer


That would be easier for English speakers, but it's not correct Portuguese.


What is the difference between xicara and copo?


I've seen it explained on other posts. Xicara is a cup, like a tea cup, also used as a measurement in recipes. It is often decorative, made of fine ceramic. Copo is a glass, like a glass of water in restaurants, usually made of glass or clear plastic. There is another word that is used for mugs, like a coffee mug, made out of stonewear.


Mugs are called caneca :-) Have heard that from one of my Brazilian friends.


Thank you! Lingot worthy. =D

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