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  5. "Великий будинок"

"Великий будинок"

Translation:A big building

June 9, 2015



Perhaps the moderators could respond to some (if not all) of these student comments and concerns written in "in report a problem." I have reported what I believe errors, or at least questionable translations, without the benefit of any response. So, I am in the dark about their quality/validity. The exercise could be used as a learning tool for all involved.

At the same time, Vinnfred :) does a wonderful job in responding to comments on the "discuss sentence" board. I hope that DL appreciates all her efforts.


This is becoming absurd. There is no way as a single sentence to translate this sentence into English knowing that the author meant "a big building" or just simply "big building" If this were part of a larger sentence there would be some context. Whoever sets the English translations needs to improve their game. By the way, I have reported this. Thank you.


When it's beta you don't whine you just report. Ok? It's free after all. Thank you. It's impossible to correct all the mistakes at once

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