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Evildea's interview with Chuck Smith about the Esperanto course on Duolingo

Here is Evildea's newest video where he interviews Chuck Smith about Esperanto on Duolingo. It has English subtitles but if you are almost done the tree I would suggest you ignore them and see how much you can understand as they aren't speaking too fast!

I'd also recommend watching some of Evildea's other videos; they are often in Esperanto or about the world of Esperanto!

Thank you Duolingo team for your hard work! And also thanks to Evildea for entertaining me with your youtube channel as I distract myself from the Esperanto tree from time to time!


June 9, 2015



Thanks for the interview link! Aside from being interesting, it should really help me out!


I subscribed to Evildea's channel you can enabled the Esperanto subtitles and read them while listening to him. It's great to help sharpen your ears to how words sound and help you get context of the dialog. I'm also finding his WoW videos entertaining at least educational in building vocabulary. Even if you don't like WoW I'd suggest watching at least one of the videos, it's not all about the game.

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