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So what happens when I get to the end of my flow chart?

Does that mean I am fluent? Proficient? Maybe this is explained somewhere, but I missed it.


October 3, 2013



you get shipped to a country that speaks the language you studied, and you have to survive for a month, starting with a small amount of money and no clothes


From what I can tell, completing your Duolingo tree means that you are good enough at the language that you could hold a conversation with a native speaker. People would probably still be able to tell that you aren't a native, but you can communicate and get your point across.


Nothing really happens, so when you finish your tree, you can do anything, the only thing that happens is that you get a trophy


Thanks all - so are there any more levels after we get to the end of the flowchart?

I know that I will need to make the transition to live speaking with natives over skype or something, just curious about Duolingo.


Immersion (translation) on the website is available after finishing the flowchart, although it's actually available from the very beginning.

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