"Education is an important thing."

Translation:Edukado estas grava afero.

June 9, 2015

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Is it wrong to say gravaĵo here? It's an important/serious (grava) + thing (aĵo)?


It should be possible. I think you should report the sentence.

You will see more missing possible translations here at the end of the course, since not so many people have gotten this far and reported mistakes, missing translations etc.

[deactivated user]

    Since Esperanto allows almost unlimited word combinations and possibilities, it may be difficult to collect all the valid versions. But by reporting, we try our best, don't we :)


    Would it be wrong to say "La edukado estas grava afero"? If not, why not (i.e. what would be the difference)?


    This sounds good to me. There are differences in how the article is used in Esperanto and how it's used in English. The tricky part is that this is a translation based course, and it's hard to know when to deviate form the example. The safe move, in the course anyway, is not to.

    I recall PMEG says there isn't much difference between a sentence like this one with or without "la". I believe this is the relevant passage.




    Dankon pri la ligilo: tio estas tre interesa!

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