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"They were some beautiful acts."

Translation:Det var nogle smukke handlinger.

June 9, 2015



It says "they were" but "De var" is not accepted. "Det var" is used instead. Is it a fixed expression or should I report it?

[deactivated user]

    "Det" is used as the subject of være/blive when the verb is followed by a noun, a pronoun or an adjective, irrespective of gender or number. (from Danish – An Essential Grammar)


    Correction required here: Is "det" used for plural AND singular? Surely, DET does not mean THEY!


    "Det er" is always used as an introduction for a new object, regardless of gender or number of the actual object.


    The danish sentence may make perfect sense, but it is quite impossible to make sense of the english one, from which you are supposed to get the correct danish expression.


    What the hell is this? Any explanations please!


    Yes, the english text does not make any sense to me.


    You saw some acting in the theater or on TV and are now commenting on the plot.


    They were some beautiful acts De var nogle smukke handlinger OR Det var nogle smukke handlinger?


    Is there a difference between handlinger and optræde?


    Jrold, "en handling" is an "act" or "action" or "deed" in general (as in "act of kindness"), and it also refers to the "plot" of a book, film, or play.

    "En optræden" is a performance in front of an audience.

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