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  5. "Det gjør ingenting."

"Det gjør ingenting."

Translation:It does not matter.

June 9, 2015



How would you say " it is doing nothing/it does nothing" in Norwegian?

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Den(/det) gjør ingenting. This would easily be distinguished by context.

Or say "It makes no difference" = "Det/den gjør ingen forskjell".


How would you say "They do nothing"


According to google translate: De gjor ingenting. Their audio sounds exactly the same for both sentences. If I reverse translate, I get “De gjor ikke noe.” I guess the context would be the only way to tell the difference.


A very Southern European sentence: FR ça ne fait rien/ IT non fa niente. And yes, I am still having issues with de/der/det.


Are they trying to find a translation for the English sentence? Than you could also translate it as "det gjør ikke noe"? In dutch we say :"het maakt niet uit" maakt/gjør/matter. But in Norwegian with "gjør" they are really making/doing something and that's not what they ate meaning here. So how should I know that I have to translate it this way, and not as "it's doing nothing"

TV-en er ødelagt, den gjør ingenting/The TV is broken, it does nothing

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