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  5. "Teyzelerin gidiyor."

"Teyzelerin gidiyor."

Translation:Your aunts are going.

June 9, 2015



So this is a sentence where gidiyorlar would be possible?


Yes because aunts are human.

If you ask me, you can always say use the plural form. But the grammar professors say that it's too much for things that don't have a soul.


But is it used though? I mean, here it only says gidiyor


Of course, since you say teyzelerin which is a plural noun you don't need to repeat the pluralness in the verb. Teyzelerin gidiyor and Teyzelerin gidiyorlar are both perfect.

However, if there were no subject you would have to use the plural form.

Gidiyorlar -> They are going. (here you cannot say Gidiyor.)


This sentence has two meanings : Gidiyor can be defined as "leaving" and "going". So it has ambiguity


Why leaving (going) is not accepted?


Hala means aunty so can we say teyzeler for plural?


"teyzeler" is the plural of "teyze." Be warned though....in most of the English speaking world "auntie" is slang or very informal and is not used. We do not accept this here.


Is "your aunts go" wrong?


Strange. In the beginning of this family course there was a sentence: teyzemin - my aunt's (so I asking why not teyzelerim)?


Zato jer je teyze jednina, a teyzeler mnozina.


Actually in meantime I realised that teyzemin is a possessive = My aunt's. My English was wrong i thought "my aunt's" is plural, but plural would be "my aunts"

Ps. Ovo sam upitao prije 3 mjeseca a Napredovalo se vremenom pa se skonta sto sta :)


Great. Nice to meet here someone from Bosnia learning like I do. Let's see what we will make after we finish this Turkish language tree.


Tanıştımıza memnun oldum :) Will I do not expect a lot, as someone said that Duolingo is only here to help you to make a first step, luckily I have a friend who knows Turkish so I think he is gonna to be my victim after completing the tree :D Sellam iz Zivinica :)


Nice to hear that. Selam to you from Kladanj!

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