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  5. "Das akzeptiere ich nicht."

"Das akzeptiere ich nicht."

Translation:I do not accept that.

October 3, 2013



Is there a reason why "ich" isn't the first word here? Does it affect which words are emphasized?


Yes. You can say "ich akzeptiere das nicht" as well, it's just a matter what word you want to emphasize.


You can do somethig similar in english. "That, I do not accept" / "I do not accept that"


Go on Youtube and search up "word order." You'll make better sense of German Word order.


In spanish we can say.

No acepto eso...or eso yo no lo acepto...or yo no acepto eso.


"I do not accept that" was accepted; would "That is not acceptable to me" have been?


"Das ist nicht akzeptabel für mich." is closer to your sentence.


"I cant accept that"? To me it's a more polite way of saying the same thing - I feel it should be accepted. Comments?


That would be "Ich kann das nicht akzeptieren" in German. You have to stay as close to the original sentence as possible, including all connotations of politeness.


There is a clear difference in meaning between something you don't and can't accept.

If you say you don't accept something, there is a real argument about whether a fact is true or not.

If you said you can't accept something, it's less that you disagree and more that you can't cope with it emotionally.


I put "I do not accept" and it marked it wrong with the accepted being "It I do not accept". Is It required here?


Duolingo in a nutshell when you type any answer in.


Does DL accept "That I do not accept" (said with a pause after "That")?


"Das?! Das akzeptiere ich nicht!"


Where is the word that in the German sentence?


"Das" can either be a definite article or a demonstrative. Here, it's the latter, since there is no noun an article could refer to.


Does this have a specific meaning for acceptance such as "I do not accept that answer." or "I do not accept your reason for missing work." or is it general enough to include physical cases such as "I do not accept delivery of this package." as well?


Can i say ich akzeptiere das nicht????


Yes, your just putting more emphasis on the word 'ich' so it implies that you don't accept that but someone else might, whereas putting 'das' first implies strongly that there's something about the object that simply cannot be acceptable.


Why is 'I do not accept.' not acceptable? Is it because 'I do not accept that' would be referring to a certain situation happening and 'I do not accept' would be towards someone challenging them (for example)?


Can someone help me understand what is incorrect about "that is unacceptable?"


That's another sentence. "That is unacceptable" = "Das ist inakzeptabel."


I suppose i actually meant what is wrong with "that is not acceptable"but they mean the same to me.

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