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  5. "My sister-in-law is kind."

"My sister-in-law is kind."

Translation:Svigerinna mi er snill.

June 9, 2015



Svigerinna mi. Svigerinnen min. Min svigerinne.


Why does it not accept "svigerinnen min" cuz afaik feminin nouns can be treated as masculine so "svigerinnen min" should be an option too and not only "svigerinna mi"


Is there a meaningful breakdown of the components of "svigerinna" so I can find some kind of pattern, or do I just have to memorize the whole thing? :V


"svoger" is the word for "brother-in-law".
"sviger" is a prefix used to mean "-in-law". You'll see it in "svigerforeldre", for instance.

"-inne" is a feminine suffix.
"-a" is a definite suffix.


Huh. I typed in "svigersøsteren min" without thinking, and it was accepted! So do we have the choice of saying either svigerinne or svigersøster? And is one more common than the other? (Frankly, svigersøster is easier to remember since it follows the pattern). Similarly, could we choose to say svigerbror?


It says correct solutions are : • Min svigerinne er snill. • Svigerinna mi er snill.

I had filled in this: • Min Svigerinna er snill.

It wasn't accepted, I assume that wasn't an oversight, and that is actually not allowed. What mistake did I make/why isn't it allowed?


'min' is a possessive used for masculine nouns, 'mi' is a possessive used for feminine nouns.

'svigerinnen' is masculine, 'svigerinna' is feminine.

While this is your first mistake, the second one is what errored you: When you put the possessive in front of the noune, you shouldn't decline the noun. Only when it's after the noun should you do this. So "mi svigerinna" and "min svigerinnen" would still be wrong, even if you got both genders correct. Similarly "svigerinne mi" and "svigerinne min" would be wrong.


Isn't this a case where the possessive pronoun could be assumed?


I'm afraid not. It seldom works with family members you're likely to have more than one of.

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